Abiqua Academy would not be here without the support of those who came before us. As a nonprofit organization, philanthropy is crucial to our current programs and to our successful future.

Giving to Abiqua Academy helps us provide our bright and curious students with an exceptional education. There are always new projects and programs to develop. Technology is changing all the time and new disciplines are emerging that will change the way we teach and the way we learn. Every gift impacts all aspects of the school, enabling us to maintain small class sizes, hire the best faculty and provide the kinds of meaningful co-curricular activities that benefit students both today and in their future lives.

As an independent school, Abiqua Academy relies on tuition dollars and the generosity of the community to fulfill our mission. Tuition only covers 85% of our cost. Donor support and other sources bridge the gap. Your generosity will have maximum impact at Abiqua Academy, where every gift truly matters.