Get Tech Support


If you are using a new piece of technology; whether it's a new device, website or application, give us a call! We can help you prepare or use new technology in your classroom to help everything run smoothly.

Our door is open!

If you have any general questions or need training on your technology, please contact the technology administrator directly via Teams, phone, email or in person at any time.

WHY USE Griffin Tech University?

The Griffin Tech University is a specially tailored platform designed to help build your knowledge and skill level in our school's technology. It is important to note that GTU is not meant to replace group or individual training sessions as they serve a vital role in helping you learn new technologies. GTU is meant to fill in the cracks in our training program by providing you a source for obtaining new skills and tools to enhance your workflow, save time, enhance your student's learning experience and provide more content in your lessons. GTU also provides a quick reference for policies and procedures regarding our technology. The development of this platform will never stop since technology never stops changing, we hope that it will grow and improve over time to provide you every bit of knowledge you need to use your technology effectively.