Connect to a Projector



What can I connect?

  • Any device with the Chrome browser installed (Your laptop, student laptops, Chromebooks, etc.)

Which projector can I connect to?

  • Any projector or Jamboard (except the Gym Projector for now)

Why select "Cast to" and "Desktop"?

  • By default, it will Cast the tab that you have open in your browser. Typically, most of us like to cast our whole desktop so that we may share content from applications that are not in our browser such as SMART Notebook, Powerpoint, etc.
  • If you forget this step, you must STOP the connection, select "Cast to" then Desktop and reconnect.

What happens if I close my Chrome browser?

  • The Chrome browser is the program that keeps the connection open. Closing it will most likely turn the connection off and you will need to re-establish the connection again.

Can I connect a device other than a laptop or Chromebook?

  • Yes you can! Any device that has the Chrome browser or Chromecast app installed can connect.

Can I project use this to project my laptop's display instead of plugging my video cable in every day?

  • Yes, many teachers are doing this already. Infact, most projectors in our high school don't even have cables to plug in and are completely wireless.