Roadmap to Reopening

Oregon Department of Education guidance was modified on January 19 to allow individual Private Schools to make in-person learning decisions. Abiqua Academy will continue to abide by Oregon Health Authority’s COVID-19 safety protocol, as well as specific instructions from Marion County’s Public Health Agency. The health and safety of students, faculty and staff is our highest priority, as is the greater good of the broader community.

Abiqua Academy’s plan to offer in-person learning is guided by this essential question: What is in the best interest of the students whose education is entrusted to our care, that weighs physical health and safety risks associated with COVID-19 in relation to the imperative to optimize the social, emotional, and intellectual developmental stages of a young person’s life? We have examined medical and educational research, consulted with medical professionals and educational colleagues, and used collective best judgment to devise a measured, thoughtful response to the circumstances with which we are faced.

Communicable Disease Management Plan

Thank you to the faculty and staff members, Board members, parents and advisors who have contributed to this plan. By coming together to support one another and create a viable plan, our community is demonstrating the HEART values that are central to the Abiqua way. The commitment and Teamwork have been especially gratifying.

Should there be questions or comments, please contact Head of School, Dr. Lily Driskill

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