Roadmap to Reopening

The health and safety of students, faculty and staff is our highest priority, as is the greater good of the broader community. Abiqua’s mission to “engage and inspire young scholars” and our commitment to make decisions based upon HEART values informs this Blueprint.

Oregon Department of Education guidance for Private Schools was modified on August 13 to create a Small Private School Exemption. This guidance is specifically for private schools enrolling fewer than 250 students. It applies most specifically to K-3; however, provisions are made for grades 4 and up as well. Although PreK falls under the Department of Early Learning, their requirements are essentially the same as for K-3. Because our total enrollment is fewer than 250 students, the State and Marion County metrics do not apply to us at this time. Instead, we must meet other requirements specific to Abiqua Academy to assure that we can operate safely.

To open, “No confirmed cases of COVID-19 among staff or students for 14 days prior to the first day students arrive on campus,” which is September 2 for Abiqua. That time period is August 19 to September 2. A confirmed case means the diagnosis has been verified by a laboratory test.

When we open, we plan to offer Comprehensive Distance Learning, enhanced by Limited In-Person Instruction, for the older students, and onsite programming, combining Limited In-Person Instruction and Childcare, for our youngest learners.

This proposal is guided by this essential question: What is in the best interest of the students whose education is entrusted to our care, that weighs physical health and safety risks associated with COVID-19 in relation to the imperative to optimize the social, emotional and intellectual developmental stages of a young person’s life? We have examined medical and educational research, consulted with medical professionals and educational colleagues, and used collective best judgment to devise a measured, thoughtful response to the circumstances with which we are faced.

Program Information

Communicable Disease Management Plan

Thank you to the faculty and staff members, Board members, parents and advisors who have contributed to this plan. By coming together to support one another and create a viable plan, our community is demonstrating the HEART values that are central to the Abiqua way. The commitment and Teamwork have been especially gratifying.

Should there be questions or comments, please contact Head of School, Dr. Lily Driskill