Open House

New Admissions Open House & science fair

Thursday, February 7th, 5 pm - 7 pm

Curious what an Abiqua education might look like for your student? Please come to our New Admissions Open House & Science Fair on Thursday, February 7th from 5 to 7 pm. There, you will be able to meet our Head of School and other administrators including the Admissions and Enrollment Directors. Abiqua’s Master Teachers from Pre-K through High School will be in their classrooms waiting to meet you and your family. Our wonderful faculty will provide an overview of our program and answer questions. While visiting, you will also be able to explore our Science Fair and see the fantastic work created by Abiqua middle school students. We hope to see you and your entire family at Abiqua’s New Admissions Open House & Science Fair!

Student Science Fair Projects

  • Engineering the ultimate soundproofing material
  • Mapping areas of vibration on physical mediums
  • Investigating attributes of visual appeal
  • Effectiveness of sunscreen application method (lotion, stick, spray)
  • Imagery pretreatment and effect on illusion perception
  • Components of perfect slime
  • Mice preference between sugar waters
  • How to increase the effectiveness of chemiluminescence in “glow” sticks
  • Impact of time on ability of Tide Pods to remove various stains
  • The expediency of memes
  • Color’s effect on perception
  • Taste Test: fast food vs homemade French fries
  • Peer impact of video on thoughts & behaviors of adolescents
  • Temperature effect on adhesion
  • Engineering a more user-friendly and optimized keyboard layout
  • Gender correlation to dominant paw in cats
  • Effective waterproofing of various footwear
  • Social media’s impacts on confidence
  • Breaking down organic & inorganic items with bleach
  • Engineering a cloud chamber & mapping invisible particles
  • Effectiveness of the amount of hand sanitizer
  • Dilatant fluid performance through temperature variations
  • Efficient nucleation reactions
  • Removing phosphorus from wastewater using household materials
  • Alternative application of effective lubricants for friction reduction

If you would like to meet with our Admissions Director, Missy Samiee, please click here. Ms. Samiee is happy to set up a time to meet with you and answer any questions about Abiqua and our admissions process.