Preparation for College

Abiqua’s high school program is different and superior in three powerful ways. It offers a wider breadth of honors and AP courses. It challenges students to achieve academic excellence. Finally, from day one, the students are supported in identifying and gaining admission to the colleges of their choice.

Curriculum Breadth

Abiqua offers more advanced courses and languages than any other school in the area. Students can choose from 22 honors courses, 13 AP courses, and 4 languages. Abiqua Academy is the only school (both private and public) that offers this depth of advanced programs. In addition to the courses offered at Abiqua Academy, students may have an opportunity for dual credit enrollment at local colleges, such as Willamette University.

Curriculum Rigor
Abiqua focuses on setting high standards and creating the environment in which students can achieve them. This focus is why, before Abiqua had a high school, Abiqua middle school students became high school valedictorians and salutatorians at a higher rate than students from any other Salem area middle school. In high school, this top level achievement is even more important. Studies show that one of the most important factors in college success is the rigor of the student’s high school curriculum. This also explains why a rigorous curriculum is a critical focal point for college admissions staff.

Abiqua’s high school program goes further than any other Salem area high school in preparing students for college success. Each class includes significant writing and group projects to ensure students develop excellent communication and critical thinking skills. With four “Town Hall” meetings each week, students develop strong communication skills and confidence in public speaking. Students are encouraged to explore service opportunities that correlate to his or her personal and academic interests. In their senior year, qualifying students can design, plan and conduct a year-long research-based investigation on a personally-chosen subject, culminating in an academic thesis and public presentation.

College Admission Counseling

Students work with staff to refine their higher education plans, prepare for college entrance exams and gain admittance to the university of their choice. This is a personalized service with experienced counselors who craft a plan around each student’s desires and needs. The school will help foster relationships with its students and top colleges and universities thru visits to college fairs, and by attracting these schools to recruit Abiqua Academy students directly. The teaching staff at Abiqua Academy will guide the student thru the challenges of college selection by providing the support each student needs to reach their educational goals.