Individualized Learning

Abiqua's high school program combines the best elements of traditional classroom instruction with online education. This blended approach expands the resources and materials available to students, providing a more comprehensive and expansive curriculum. One thing to note is that although a student may be taking an online course, they would also be given a mentor to guide them through the program. For instance, a student studying anatomy and physiology may be paired weekly with a Willamette University student. In this way, Abiqua Academy high school students have a breadth of courses from which to select, including the most AP courses available at any high school in the Willamette Valley.

Working directly with a teacher, students proceed at their own individual pace. This allows students to explore materials at a deeper level and progress at an accelerated tempo. In this way, students develop ownership for their learning and optimize their talents. This individualized approach also provides flexibility for students who wish to participate in athletic or artistic endeavors during the day. The school day, for instance is based on a 9am to 4pm schedule, however this schedule can be adjusted to meet the individual needs of each student and their academic and extracurricular activities.

On a daily basis, master teachers pull students together in small groups for seminar style discussions and team projects based on their progress. One group might be meeting to make sure they have really grasped a topic while another is meeting to pursue an enrichment project.

Week to week the teacher adapts the grouping of students, the face to face schedule, the learning styles employed and the focus on writing, presenting and group work to fit students’ personalized progress and needs. The low ratio of student to master teachers allows more true face to face teaching time and enables higher academic achievement.

Abiqua Academy teachers are committed to establishing positive relationships with students and their families. They challenge each student to appreciate the subject at hand while encouraging the students' natural love of learning.