Traveling School

Learning beyond the classroom

Abiqua’s master teachers believe that outings and trips further develop what is taught in the school room. With this focus, Abiqua has designed its curriculum to include explorations off campus for all classes.

Starting with PreK, Lower School students visit local farms and ecosystems, theaters and museums, as well as the Oregon coast.

During their Intermediate year, third and fourth grade students have a three day outdoor school adventure as well as a night in a yurt along the Oregon Trail.

Abiqua Traveling School

In Middle School, off campus visits throughout Oregon often include a service learning aspect with trips to food banks, forestry centers and recycling stations. In addition, 5th through 8th grade students have the opportunity to go on a week-long educational trip directly integrated with the classroom curriculum. MACs (Grades 5 and 6) explore Washington DC allowing students to see American history first hand by visiting places such as Thomas Jefferson’s home, the Ford Theater and Monticello.

The YACs (Grades 7 and 8) visit Gettysburg, Boston, and New York City. Other Abiqua Middle School tours have included trips to England, France, Belize, and Costa Rica. On all of these journeys the students visit historical places, memorials and museums, and in doing so have the wonderful opportunity to observe cultures quite different than their own.

Team building Traveling School adventures, include class trips to the beach, canoe trips, and rafting. These experiences provide the perfect opportunity for team building, the "T" component of Abiqua's HEART.

High School students have off campus experiences as well and have recently included overnight trips to Silver Creek Falls and the Oregon Coast, a day trip to the Chinese Garden in Portland, and outings to science fairs, college fairs and local universities.

Travel, internships and mentoring outside of the high school building are all part of the day to day program given the very individualized nature of Abiqua’s high school curriculum.

Through first hand experience, Abiqua students learn about the community and their importance within it. Abiqua’s traveling school creates lifelong memories for its students while instilling a love for learning about the world.