Technology as a Tool

At Abiqua, technology is not an end in itself; it is a tool for learning. There are nearly 300 devices on campus including laptops, Chromebooks, PC’s, iPads, SMART Boards, and servers. This equipment is maintained by a full-time Technology Specialist. There is also a Chromebook cart dedicated specifically for the lower school. The middle and high school students are issued laptop computers for their schoolwork. The use of this technology, including laptops for the middle and high school students, is included in tuition.

The high school program utilizes a gold standard in curriculum, Apex Learning as the basic platform on which most Abiqua high school level courses are built. Teachers generously adapt and supplement content to enhance the quality of each student’s scholastic experience. Frequent face-to-face lessons and group activities enrich this technologically advanced program.

Ethical usage, as well as safe and responsible online behavior, is part of all levels of Abiqua’s curriculum. The use of updated technology in learning and the development of computer skills, beginning in the lower school assures that Abiqua students are prepared for further study and ultimately for the career of their choice.

Smart Boards

Each of our classrooms is equipped with an interactive whiteboard. These SMARTBOARDS™ provide a world of information at the touch of a finger, whether on the Internet or through other media. This system ensures that each student is participating and actively engaged. It also enables a teacher to gain immediate feedback regarding student learning each and every day, rather than waiting for periodic test results.

SMARTBOARDS™ also allow students to display their work to their class wirelessly from their laptops.


Abiqua utilizes Chromebooks which allow teachers to use the multiple applications available to educators.