Griffin Flex Academy

Abiqua students learning from home

The entire faculty, staff, and Board of Trustees stand unified in our appreciation for the support and cohesiveness of the Abiqua community. We are all doing our personal best to optimize the learning experience for students of all ages using the resources available to us.

As Governor Brown extended public school closure through June 12, Abiqua will maintain Griffin Flex Academy through the rest of the scheduled school year. Campus is closed with the exception of family drop-ins to collect books and packet work.

All Abiqua Academy teachers are committed to maintaining personal relationships with our students. K-12 instructors are preparing recorded lessons as well as conducting virtual classes, so students can see and hear their teachers. They also have access to and are using Renweb and Google Classroom in a variety of ways (assignments, activities, photos). In some cases, teachers are providing supplemental packets that families can pick-up at school when the building is open.

We realize that extended periods of time in front of a screen are counterproductive. Please join us in encouraging kids to get outdoors as much as safety and the weather permits so they can move around and engage in hands-on activities.

What's Happening in Griffin Flex Academy