The Abiqua Student

from pre-k to grade 12, the Abiqua student:

*Demonstrates the HEART skills.

*Has a positive attitude.

*Uses appropriate interactions with teachers and peers.

*Joyously participates in the learning process.

*Contributes positively to a collaborative learning environment.

*Works toward independence within academic expectations.

*Has family support of the experience.

Abiqua Academy promotes lifelong, active, engaged learning. The school cultivates a safe, healthy, and affirming environment conducive to the intellectual, physical, emotional, artistic, ethical, and social education of the whole child. Abiqua teachers instill a passion for service, community, and social responsibility.

Students demonstrate their knowledge using multiple intelligences, brain/mind styles, and personality. Using theme-based curriculum, teachers develop and sustain natural wonder, curiosity, love of learning, motivation, and resilience. At Abiqua, education is more than mastering skills and acquiring knowledge. Students are challenged to think critically and creatively. They develop strength of character and confidence to live meaningful lives as purposeful citizens of a global society.