Values that Guide Our Conduct, Choices & Actions

At all grades, Abiqua adheres to a character development program called HEART, which teaches students the concepts of Honor, Empathy, Accountability, Respect, and Teamwork. Staff members recognize that students have different gifts and talents and encourage expression through multiple intelligences and cooperative learning opportunities.

At Abiqua Academy, the development of social skills in the child is paramount to the development of academic skills. Each student learns to be a positive, supportive member of their community. Students at Abiqua are treated with respect and are expected to treat others with respect.

Abiqua Academy believes that understanding others, solving problems, and controlling anger are important skills to teach. Students learn that people perceive events in their environment differently and that they may share different values. Because in real life, conflicts can arise, Abiqua teaches the importance of conflict resolution by incorporating HEART attributes.

Abiqua HEART


Our students believe in integrity. Their responsibility is to recognize and protect the rights of others and work towards a wholehearted understanding of human connections.


Abiqua students are sensitive to the feelings, thoughts, needs and experiences of another. Our students learn to see the world from another’s point of view to appreciate different perspectives. Every human being is valuable and worthy of our compassion.


Our students consider the consequences of decisions and actions and accept full responsibility.


Abiqua students value the talents, contributions, opinions and perspectives of others. Students hold themselves, peers, parents and teachers in high regard. They show consideration for the property of others, including public property.


Our students are committed to inclusiveness, cooperation and collaboration.